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NEAL Transcription Player Software

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NEAL Transcription Player Software is a multimedia package designed to run on the Windows platform. It allows the playback of current multimedia formats whilst providing more advanced features designed to aid in the transcription of interview recordings. The NEAL Transcription Player Software is supplied on a CD, licensed for use on a single computer. For multiple installations, please contact NEAL Sales.

  • Standard controls for audio replay comprising Play, Stop, Pause, Back, Forward.
  • Slider volume control in addition to Windows audio volume.
  • Interfacing with USB foot pedal for full interactive playback control.
  • Display shows length of recording and current replay position.
  • Main pane shows number of recordings in work list and type of recordings.
  • Audio Rip function allows CD recordings to be easily saved to hard drive.
  • Advanced audio control comprising variable replay speed*, balance control (L/R) and variable automatic backspace (0 to 10 secs)

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