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How do I look after a CDR?

Handle CDRs with care – by the outer edge only. This will prevent finger prints, scratching and contamination to the recording surface. Keep CDRs away from dust and contamination. ONLY use a dedicated CD/DVD pen to write on the CD NEVER use a ball point pen or felt tip pen Low quality CDRs have many errors within them. ONLY use good quality CDRs from a reputable manufacturer. (Low quality CDRs have a short life and may not replay after a number of years)

How can I make a copy of my recording?

Copies of CD recordings can be made with “RIP” AND “BURN” within Windows Media Player or with a dedicated CD copier.

How can I replay the recording?

The CD recordings from the NEAL CD interview recorders can be replayed on any CD player, most DVD players and a wide range of Software /Audio Programs.

CD recorder will not turn on?

Ensure that the correct NEAL power supply has been connected correctly to the unit.

When the cables connecting the recorder to the external power source are plugged in properly and the wall outlet is functioning, the power supply light should be on.

Recorder alarming after 1 minute?

Ensure that both XLR microphones are connected to the inputs and clicked firmly into place.

Check to see that both CH1 and CH2 green LEDs are illuminated on at the front of the unit.

The CD drive does not recognise discs?

Ensure that the disc is inserted with the label facing upwards.

Verify that you are using the correct disc type (media) for the recorder. CDR disc and NOT DVDR.

Ensure that there are no marks or scratches on the bottom of the disc and make sure that its clean and undamaged.

Recorder will not record?

Ensure blank discs are inserted correctly and the timer changes from ‘- -’ to ’00′.
When in record the record LED will be illuminated and the timer will advance.

How to Set the time

Step by step Guidance on how to set the time on the 9000 Series NEAL Interview Recorder.